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Display your climate efforts. Engage your clients.

Display your CO2 impact !

in three simple steps

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Send us your recipes

You send us your recipes (ingredients), we take care of the rest!  

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We calculate the CO2 impact of every recipe

For every recipe we calculate the CO2 footprint* using our database (based on Agribalyse).

*compared to an average Belgian meal!

Display them in you restaurant!.png

Display your efforts online & offline

We provide you with a category in our app and offline communication if wanted.  

"We are very excited to have an application that shows the carbon impact of meals at home and in restaurants. This allows us to demonstrate to our customers how we are actively working towards a low carbon footprint. The app is fun and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to fellow operators!" - Alizée Wyckmans Director of Brand & Sustainability - Le Botaniste

Engage your clients!

in three simple steps


Scan your menu


Select a recipe


Define your goal

To see the impact of the meals as served in the restaurant.

To log their meal and learn more about the impact. 

Let your clients be part of your restaurant goal.

Some of our partners
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  • How does this help my company?
    We help you display your climate efforts as to let everyone know how sustainable you are. By providing insights on the impact of your recipes, we make it fun for your employees to join your restaurant goal. We give advice through monthly reports and make an effort to change the future together.
  • How much extra work does this mean for me?
    If we are honest, it may take 10 minutes of your time by providing us with your recipes. Once we have the recipes we do everything for you during the collaboration.
  • How much does this collaboration cost?
    This will greatly depend on the amount of recipes and your communication wishes. Let us discuss this in a live moment. In the meantime, we try to keep prices democratic so that we can reach as many people as possible.
  • What do we offer?
    We empower your company with the tools to track the impact of day-to-day sustainability initiatives. Our application enables you to add plates to our meal planner and calculate the carbon footprint of your employees' choices. Via our application, users will be equipped to track their CO2 savings, both individually and collectively.
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Save the planet,
one meal at a time

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