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Verse Salade met de Wiggen van de citroen

Menu calculations

Restaurants have an increasing responsibility in making their offer more sustainable. Customers demand more sustainable alternatives and will increasingly choose a restaurant on this basis. But how can you show your customers your efforts? We would like to help you with that!

 ✔ Calculate the CO₂ impact of your recipes
 ✔ Get advice on how to make your kitchen more sustainable


Or show the exact impact of your recipes

Highlight the most sustainable recipes on your menu

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We make sure that there is little to no effort for you as a company to get the results your want! Send in your recipes in whatever format you like and we'll do the rest!

Current collaborations

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"We are very excited to have an application that shows the carbon impact of meals at home and in restaurants. This allows us to demonstrate to our customers how we are actively working towards a low carbon footprint. The app is fun and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to fellow operators!" - Alizée Wyckmans Director of Brand & Sustainability - Le Botaniste

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