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the impact of your food

Who are we?

We are a start-up that helps you make better choices regarding sustainability and food!

Discover a new way of eating

Get going in your own kitchen and discover sustainable and delicious recipes and their impact!

You can even add your own recipes, check out the impact and share them with your friends.

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Project - Ghent

Discover Ghent's most sustainable restaurants

In our latest project we're working together with 6 restaurants in the city of Ghent to make sustainable food more accessible! Via our interactive menu, you can find their most sustainable recipes and their climate impact. This way you can, for example, discover how much showers you could take when eating this meal in stead of a standard Belgian meal.

Ecologise your menu


The food we eat accounts for 1/3rd of our climate impact. Would you like to become more eco-friendly as a restaurant? We make it possible, with an online menu that shows your customers exactly how eco-friendly and nutritious each dish is! Our data shows that given access to this information, customers will make more eco-friendly and healthy choices, even if it means spending more!


Not only that, but access to this information, along with the tools in our platform makes it easy for you to improve your dishes to optimise nutrition and eco-friendliness.


Our application also offers visibility to conscious consumers and like minded industry experts in a movement towards circularity in the hospitality industry.

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