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Save the planet,
one meal at a time

Discover the impact of your food


Using our unique method, you can discover the impact of your recipes. This impact is calculated relative to an average Belgian meal.

Do you want to engage your

Universitaire cafetaria

Company kitchen

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Engage your employees

in three simple steps


Scan a QR code

To see the impact of the meals as served in the company restaurant.


Select a recipe

To log your meal and compete with your colleagues.


Reach your goal

Follow your global impact in our application.

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Lunch in een restaurant

Engage your restaurant

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We provide menus with CO₂ scores for restaurants, so that customers can easily decide what to eat, based on the impact of their meal! Restaurant holders can manage their recipes from within our mobile application.

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Engage your family

Using our mobile application, you can discover your personal impact and reduce it gradually. But there is more! Our tool allows to save your own recipes and see their impact, plan your weekly meals and easily generate a shopping list that can be shared with your family on that account.


Add ingredients

To create your own recipe and save it to your meal planner.


Impact calculator

We immediately show you the impact of the recipe you made.


Shopping list

Add your recipes to your weekly planner and shopping list.

Download our app for free!

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"From the very first moment you start to learn and make a change for our planet, you are considered to be an Ecoterian" 

An Ecoterian lifestyle is a lifestyle in which you are aware of your impact on this planet and try to minimize it as much as possible. You will try to live with nature in stead of against it. The Ecoterian diet is the very first step towards making this change.

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